NANOE Email Announcement: Nonprofit Volunteers, Donors & Executives nominated to NANOE’s Board of Governor may have wondered, “Why join NANOE?” Here’s one response that may make sense of all this. How does a Donor, Consultant and Nonprofit CEO take a ten year old charity with a budget of only $220,000 and raise $3.3 Million in 18 months? THEY JOINED NANOE! Watch the video above as a NANOE Member without an ounce of fundraising experience uses MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP to receive the money she needs to make all her dreams come true.Simply put, NANOE’s Major Gifts Ramp-Up is different. It’s so different that it will change the entire culture of your organization. Here’s just one way MAJOR GIFTS RAMP-UP has distinguished itself in the fundraising industry. First and foremost its based on a PHILOSOPHY that turns everything upside down and inside out. Let’s suppose for a moment that you run a food and clothing bank. Convention would say that your primary customer is a person who is hungry and your mission is to provide them nutrition. How would your philosophy of management, operations, and fundraising change if the mission of your food bank went something like this:

“Heart of Hope Food Bank exists to provide community volunteers, advocates, and donors the organization they need to provide food and clothing to the homeless, hurting, and hungry.”

NANOE Email Announcement: NANOE Governors Tackle Capacity-Building

Jiimmy LaRose & NANOE Review Major Gifts Ramp-Up

The mission statement above makes THE DONOR YOUR PRIMARY CUSTOMER…NOT the person who is at risk. Therefore, everything within your management culture changes when you base your mission on meeting the needs of the volunteers, advocates, and donors your organization now exists to serve. What’s the outcome? Exponentially MORE people receive the food, clothing, and services they so desperately need.

NANOE partners with National Development Institute to bring Major Gifts Ramp-Up Conferences to communities around the world. National Development Institute, established in 1990, is a 501(c)3 public benefit charity that insures donors, granting organizations and corporations safeguard their mission by building capacity within nonprofits committed to human welfare, education, healthcare, the arts, & environment.

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