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Pacific Christian Athletic Conference is a basketball conference that supports colleges, assisting their programs and recruits through a combined effort of web support, branding, at game support and tournament organization. PCAC also assists financially as our basketball programs are not funded independently and need aide to complete their individual schedules, purchase equipment, facilities and possible scholarship assistance. Providing a consistent message online is also a priority as we are the contact for all outside programs wishing to join.

The PCAC call letters stand for Pacific Christian Athletic Conference as our schools are faith based. In addition, our schools are part of the NCCAA, furthering our commitment to faith in our educational systems and sports.

There are 6 teams that compromise the PCAC West conference currently which is conservative but has enabled us to maintain solid scheduling without cancellations or forfeits. We are always looking at growth of the conference and are currently watching two additional teams, based on their completion of the 2017-2018 season and their status as NCCAA programs.

We support the colleges programs in all areas and provide a hub of information to help them with their visibility and recognition. Our commitment to the programs and athletes is rewarding but without additional monetary support, it is very difficult to see growth. It is for this reason that we seek outside donation and sponsorship to move our efforts forward, assisting our conference schools and their athletes in achieving their goals. Donations are reciprocated via special web site mention, at game mention and company logo mention on all PCAC West marketing material. Donors, partners and sponsors, in helping our programs financially, become part of our teams. Your assistance also provides us with funding needed to support the other half of our organization, Sport IQ Inc. All donations are tax deductible as we are a not for profit company (501(c)(3) and conference.

Sport IQ Inc. is our athletic counterpart to the conference and was founded to assist the developing athlete in achieving greater progress through individual clinics, camps and seminars. Having developed friendships and affiliations with Olympic athletes, former & current college basketball players, former and current college & professional basketball coaches, behavioral doctors and elite trainers, as well as corporate CEO’S, we look at all areas of development and skills improvement to capture the entire athlete, giving them a clear picture of what it takes to obtain success at all levels.

It is this partnership between the PCAC West & Sport I.Q. Inc. both non-profit organizations, that completes our aspirations to be a well-respected basketball conference with a strong faith based structure and an athletic development model that addresses those athletes of all ages who wish to excel. We welcome your comments or questions and appreciate your time. An example of the additional events to support our programs is attached.
For replies, please contact via email, [email protected] Sincerely, Andrew Graham, Founder CEO Sport IQ Inc. Commissioner, PCAC West Conference,

Andrew Graham - Pacific Christian Athletic Conference

Andrew Graham – Pacific Christian Athletic ConferenceAndrew Graham, former strength & conditioning coach, asst. , co head coach, Saint Katherine College Basketball, Co head coach semi pro San Diego Surf! Current Commissioner. PCAC West basketball conference. CEO Founder, cancer patient and fighter!